Spread the Epic Word!



Why pay for an epic road trip when you can join us for free? If you have what it takes to spread the epic word, you could be jetting off to Africa to join us on one of our epic road trips in 2016, flights included!

There are also cash incentives for all of the legendary folk who help out spreading the epicness.

So how does it work?

We’re looking for social moguls to spread the word about our epic road trips. Yes you, the legend reading this very page – we want you to help us recruit road trippers and in return we will give you cold hard cash: $/£20 for every road tripper you recruit for us!

Or, if you’re a word spreading legend who fills one of our vans (just 11 peeps per van so we can save a spot for you!) or sells out two ‘Follow The Leader’ vehicles, to the hell with it, we will personally fly you to South Africa and let you road trip for free with us on a road trip of your choice – flights included and $/£100 spending cash. That’s an experience worth up to £1500/$2000! But, if you’re not the adventure loving type you may just collect the cash instead – that’s still $/£220. Pretty decent for just spreading the word.

So how do you spread the word?

It’s entirely up to you. Perhaps you could put up a Facebook post or just tell some friends about it at your local bar. Maybe you’ll campaign for us at your College or Varsity and become a road trip promoting prodigy. Who knows? It’s your effort to spend, your cash to collect.

So how do you collect?

Please remember to give everyone you recruit your personal promotion code. You can collect this code from us by following us on twitter @myepicafricanRT and dropping us a message with the request. Alternatively you can request one directly by dropping us a mail at enquiries@myepicafricanroadtrip.com.

Remember, when your recruitee contacts us they will have an option to reference your promotion code on our contact page. Make sure they do! Because if they join us on a road trip we will contact you and pay up. Yes, it’s really the easiest cash you’ll ever make! Genuinely.

For more questions about being a MyEpicAfricanRoadTrip promoter you can contact us at enquiries@myepicafricanroadtrip.com or @myepicafricanRT.

Hope to road trip with you soon! 

Your Legendary African Guide for 2016

The above mentioned incentives are only provided once road trippers have been accepted into the road trip according to our Terms and Conditions