We’re giving away 2 seats on one of our Epic African Road Trips in 2017 – flights and accommodation included – for just being the saddest, safari selfie taker there is.

If you haven’t been on safari yet and you’re just fed up about it, we get you. You also want an epic selfie with an elephant or a lion or a blue-assed baboon – but instead you have to settle for a cat or a dog, or a squirrel as it runs up the neighbour’s tree. Fok it. It’s just not fair.


So, we would like you to convince us that you deserve a real African safari because the only safari you’ve ever had, is the walk through your local park. And to hell with that park and its “nature”. I wanna go to Africa!

How to enter

We want your saddest, most pathetic #sadsafariselfie ! 

My what?

  1. Take a sad selfie as if you’re on safari i.e. you have to have an animal in the background. Any animal, whether it’s a cat or a dog, or your ratty little hamster. Hell, it can even be roadkill!
  2. Snap it! The sadder the selfie looks, the better!
  3. Tag My Epic African Road Trip on Instagram or Facebook so we can check it out.
  4. You should also hashtag #sadsafariselfie #wheninafrica #myepicafricanroadtrip when you do.

So remember, whenever you see any animal – or you’re on a “natural type” of experience that’s so sad compared to the Epic African Road Trip you’re gonna have with us, remember to #sadsafariselfie to remind us that you desperately want a real African experience.

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There you have it. You’ve just entered #sadsafariselfie and could be jetting off to a very unsad, absolutely amazing road trip through Africa, flights and accommodation included. In Africa, we call that sort of deal poes shweet!

How many do we want?

You can do as many #sadsafariselfies as you want whenever you want – as long as its before we announce the winners.

Remember, the two most pathetic #sadsafariselfie’s win!

We announce the winners on 1 September 2016.

*Roadtrips subject to availability.

*Terms and Conditions Apply


Terms and Conditions