Paradise Loop

If you’re looking for our Matric Vac Trip for 2016, you’ve come to the wrong place. You’re looking for the Rumble. This way.



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There’s a paradise on the continent. We will go there.

Although our road tripping schedule is pretty lenient, as it should be, there are a certain amount of kilometers we need to travel every day to complete The Paradise Loop and get to our rest points every night. How long you take to get there on various days and what you do before the rest points is your own business. As guides, we can only guide, not demand. It’s your road trip, after all.

Rest Points will be shared in the detailed itinerary after booking.

Resting Spot Minimum amount of kms you will need to drive every day between resting spots. Yes, road tripping is not for the faint-hearted!
Day 1 Johannesburg 100
Day 2 Marloth Park  437
Day 3 Inhambane  549
Day 4 Vilankulos  290
Day 5 Vilankulos  0
Day 6 Chomoio  469
Day 7 Tete  384
Day 8 Monkey Bay  361
Day 9 Monkey Bay  0
Day 10 Mid Camp  476
Day 11 Lusaka  476
Day 12 Livingstone  484
Day 13 Livingstone  0
Day 14 Francistown  553
Day 15 Mid Camp  320
Day 16 Pretoria  320

Below are some of the awesome things you might want to do on the trip. Remember, these things will cost extra cash and you may choose not to do some of them. If so, there are many other things in the vicinity you can do and see instead and you will be recommended these by your guides. We do however, recommend the bulk of the below excursions as we feel they will enhance your road-tripping experience. You can find out how much spending money you require for all of the below in the Road Trip Starter Kit.

Road Trip Starter Kit

Remember though: these awesome things are embedded into the very essence and spirit of the road trip itself and the many free and epic views, people, animals and towns we meet and see along the way – and of course, the parties we rock!

More details about itineraries will be shared with road trippers closer to the time.

Resting Spot Some of the mad things we’ll be doing…
Day 1 Johannesburg It will be a Joburg Friday. Soweto lunch and Braamfontein party. Sick! Don’t worry guys. If things get out of hand, we’ll be paying for Uber that night.
Day 2 Marloth Park Hungover Campfire Stories from the night before, guaranteed.
Day 3 Inhambane Our campsite will have just the right type of beach bar. Enjoy the extent of the beach here.
Day 4 Vilankulos Paradise Beach. Alcohol. Braai. Enough said.
Day 5 Vilankulos Paradise Beach. Alcohol. Braai. Enough said.
Day 6 Chomoio Hungover campfire stories as we trek deeper into the wilderness.
Day 7 Tete In this part of Mozambique, we’ll be distributing soccer balls. Poverty is severe here. We will try and leave our mark while enjoying a game of footie with the locals.
Day 8 Monkey Bay We’ll be snorkelling, cliff diving and living it up on Lake Malawi. There is no substitute.
Day 9 Monkey Bay Chill, chill, chill.
Day 10 Mid Camp Hangover camp fire stories from the night before I’m sure.
Day 11 Lusaka A rest night before the awesomeness to come the next night.
Day 12 Livingstone We booze cruise on the Zambezi. It’s an unreal experience and we will try and finish the alcohol on board.
Day 13 Livingstone White water raft beneath the mighty Vic Falls. Some will bungee jump here. Madness.
Day 14 Francistown The savannah here is a orange khaki. We’ll get naked on the salt pans of Botswana and braai in the presence and silence of Kalahari elephant.
Day 15 Mid Camp We’ll have a final chill before the big city the next day. Campfire and Africa.
Day 16 Pretoria After enjoying the sights and sounds of the capital, we’ll head out Pretoria style. Again. Uber’s on us that night because things will get out of hand!


No matter how boring they look, it’s where they go that matters. Any road tripping enthusiast will tell you, it’s all about the music and the crowd. Sit back and chill my friends. It’s going to get silly.

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As a general rule, most accommodation will be camping with hostel accommodation favoured in the bigger cities. Not to worry though, all of your camping gear (except sleeping bags!) will be provided to you by your guides and carried by them throughout your journey.

Details about each rest spot will be shared in your itinerary as your road trip approaches.

Starting venue will be shared in the detailed itinerary to be distributed to our road trippers. Accommodation is included the night of the end date. Sunday morning we will part ways.

Road Trip Closing Date For Entries Starting Date Ending Date Seats to fill until we trip!
Paradise Loop Friday, 22 April 2016 Friday, 24 June 2016 Saturday, 9 July 2016 Fully Booked
Khaki Trek Friday, 13 May 2016 Friday, 15 July 2016 Saturday, 30 July 2016 7
Mzansi Jive

(Jhb – Cpt)

Friday, 3 June 2016 Friday, 5 August 2016 Saturday, 13 August 2016 9
Mzansi Jive

(Cpt – Jhb)

Friday, 17 June 2016 Friday, 19 August 2016 Saturday, 27 August 2016 12
Khaki Trek Friday, 12 August 2016 Friday, 14 October 2016 Saturday, 29 October 2016 12
Mzansi Jive

(Jhb – Cpt)

Friday, 9 December 2016 Friday, 10 February 2017 Saturday, 18 February 2017 12
Khaki Trek Friday, 3 February 2017 Friday, 14 April 2017 Saturday, 29 April 2017 12
Paradise Loop Friday, 7 April 2017 Friday, 16 June 2017 Saturday, 1 July 2017 12
Khaki Trek Friday, 12 May 2017 Friday, 14 July 2017 Saturday, 29 July 2017 12
Mzansi Jive

(Jhb – Cpt)

Friday, 9 June 2017 Friday, 11 August 2017 Saturday, 19 August 2017 12
Mzansi Jive

(Cpt – Jhb)

Friday, 23 June 2017 Friday, 25  August 2017 Saturday, 2 September 2017 12
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