Our Road Tripping Vision

My Fellow Road Tripping Legends,

For almost 200 years my family has been road tripping through Africa. It started on wagons in the 1800s as we pushed inwards towards the Highveld. Now, generations later, the love of the trek is still strong. Ever since I was a boy and squeezed into the back seat as my father cruised the Cape Karoo, I have been in love with the endless African road.

I am a born and bred Joburger, a South African with a love for this place and its people that transcends all else. It’s an odd fascination really with the home that nurtures me. It has infested everything that I am: I trained as an anthropologist to unearth why people like me are so intimately in love with the land here. What I found were only scraps of academia with hollow answers. They did nothing to practically explain why I was being knitted ever closer to this land as I aged. In the end, there seemed to be no words. Only feelings.

Yes, there are words that I can string together to help you understand, the same sorts of things that you have read over and over again on sites like these. But nothing will truly let you in. Nothing will explain the African experience – its people and its essence – like the African road itself, the tar that strings this fascinating continent together. It is only a road trip through this infectious place that will properly allow you to digest the scope of awesomeness that I yearn to show you.

Here, there is beauty and opportunity everywhere I look. It is sprawled across an open endlessness that makes me feel quite selfish. Because every day of every month I am privileged enough to explore this place, never drowned in the world media that keeps you from us, that keeps you hidden in fear far away from here. No longer. No more. I want to pull you from that dreadful lie and show you that my home can be explored, awesomely and safely, by use of the roads that sew it all together. I know this much because I have been doing so since I was a child.

My vision is simple. To take you across Southern Africa and make you see what I see. Let you party where I party. Let you chill where I chill. If I achieve this, I am satisfied.

This is not a tour. A tour is a paparazzi session between us and them. I’m inviting you to become them for just a few days, to become us – to explore Africa likes Africans do.

This is my vision. This is my duty to you.

Let’s road trip my friends.

Yours in epicness,


Founder of MyEpicAfricanRoadTrip and lead guide for 2016 trips