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This is how it works my bru. Pick one of our Epic African Road Trips. Choose a date that suits you. Then, let’s road trip!

All prices include accommodation throughout shared between camping and hostel beds. Either way, you’re going to wake up hungover – so does it matter? T.I.A. 

  • Paradise Loop

    Paradise Loop

    5300km. 16 days, 16 nights. South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana.


  • Khaki Trek

    Khaki Trek

    4900km. 16 days, 16 nights. South Africa, Namibia, Zambia Botswana.



So when’s the next trip?

Thursday 14 December – Sunday 7 January

– 25 days –


Join us for free! This is a volunteer trip. Own accommodation and transport must be arranged.


Khaki Trek: Cape Town (SA) – Sossusvlei (Nam) – Etosha Park (Nam) – Caprivi Strip (Nam [over christmas] ) – Zambia (Vic Falls [over new year]) – Botswana – Jhb.


Yes. It gets even bigger.


  • Senzo Meyiwa Epic

    Senzo Meyiwa Epic

    20000km. Cape Town to Moscow for the 2018 World Cup. For Senzo. For the Rhino.


And the admin ? Chilled.

  • Road Trip Starter Kit

    Road Trip Starter Kit

    Visas, spending money and all that nonsense you'll need to join us.


  • Booking with us

    Booking with us

    Procedures and Terms and Conditions


Some of us just can’t afford to fly to Africa. No worries. We’d love to help you get here.

  • #sadsafariselfie


    Sad? Win 2 seats on a road trip, flights and accommodation included.




“If you’re going to shave your head, make sure you have the right shape head. Talk about a way to ruin your trip.”
“In Namibia, never buy a bottle of brandy that costs less than a packet of chips. Yes, they exist. And holy hangover you are going to cry.”
“On the Zambezi, don’t try and finish all the alcohol on the booze cruize. Just don’t. You will not win my friend.”
“Buy biltong and you will have a happy road trip.”
“Don’t bungee jump off of Vic Falls unless you’re a mother f**king crazy human being.”
“In Mozam, R&R does not stand for rest and relaxation. Good luck learning the truth.”
“There are no human beings in Namibia it seems. None. Just endless dried savanna and deep orange dunes. Do not be ashamed if sunsets here make you cry.”
“When rafting, don’t let the cool water ease the hangover. Move quickly, there are crocodiles here.”
“In South African, howzit means hello. Hello means, ‘can you hear me bru?’”
“Never go to South Africa ever. Never ever ever. You will never want to leave and unfortunately your visa will not let you stay. Unless…”




You only have one Matric Vac.  So, why waste it in one place when you could spend it in many, on the roads of freedom that connect us all, in the mountains and on the beaches of this place, in the Africa of our dreams?

Let’s get ready to Rumble

  • The Rumble 2017

    The Rumble 2017

    2200km in 8 epic days and 8 messy nights.
  • Tips, opinions and humour

    Tips, opinions and humour

    My Epic Road Tripping Blog for Your Epic African Road Trip